We use insight to build profitable startups

InsightStudios is a startup studio. Our unique development methodology de-leverages the risk of seed-stage ventures and dramatically improves the odds of startup success. 

Our solution is a proprietary process for building startups called Insight-Driven Iteration. This proven process provides break-through business model validation and de-leverages the risk of seed-stage investing using deep customer insight. Unlike accelerators or incubators, InsightStudios originates 100% of its ideas. Our proprietary deal flow of validated ideas is derived from problems experienced first hand by our experienced entrepreneurs, who have all created profitable businesses from scratch. 

The result is a startup portfolio that dramatically outperforms the market average for comparable seed funds. In the next few years, we will create 124 startups and train 1,628 entrepreneurs who use our methodology and risk everything to change the world. 

Our badass team consists entirely of entrepreneurs. Here are a few of the crazy ones. 

Dave Linhardt

Dave is a serial entrepreneur and innovative business leader with 24 years of disruptive technology experience. Dave created eight startups (before this one), and bootstrapped five to profitability with no outside capital. Before building startups, Dave was kicked out of large enterprises for being too innovative. Somehow, he was still successful as he added $1.5 billion in market cap to AT&T Wireless, turned around a $60 million division at Experian and created $30 million in enterprise value at Yesmail in 18 months with no capital expenditure. You can read more about Dave at LinkedIn.

Paul Benevich

Paul is an experienced technology entrepreneur. Paul has created a number of technology startups and professional services companies. He excels in creative thinking, business development and really people around him to work on meaningful opportunities. Eons ago, Paul was Dave's big brother at Acacia Fraternity at Purdue University. You can read more about Paul on LinkedIn.


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