Startup Failure Sucks

Sure, you can learn from failure, but it still sucks. We've been mentoring entrepreneurs for years. We've noticed many people are making the same mistakes, over and over again. It doesn't seem we are learning collectively as quickly as we could be and we aren't translating this wisdom into higher startup success rates. We don't think it has to be this hard.

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Insight Academy: Succeed More

We created the Insight Academy as a "give back" to entrepreneurs to help them succeed more and fail less. To accomplish this, we've developed an online learning and mentorship platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to find product-market fit, find a scalable, repeatable business model and cultivate a resilient mindset. 

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Business Model Design

We've created a proprietary process for building a startup called Insight-Driven Iteration, an evolution of lean startup and design thinking. With our online course, you can learn how to design, test and validate your idea, find product-market fit and a scalable path to customers. 

Resilience Psychology

Building a startup is like an exercise in manic depression. The highs and lows are extreme. In this environment, you must learn to control your fear, calm your mind and tap into the infinite source of creativity that is inside all of us. Together with our Insight-Driven Iteration process, you have the heart and the mind necessary to succeed.

Scalable Mentorship

We support each student with personalized guidance through our online platform. In addition, our team consists of 3x to 8x entrepreneurs that have built successful startups from scratch. We believe the only way to learn entrepreneurship is from someone who has done it before.

Insight Academy Curriculum

Business Model Design


  • Insight-Driven Iteration Overview
  • Determining Your Current Validation Level

I. How To Validate A Problem With Customers

  • Why Problem Validation Matters
  • The Most Common Mistake Entrepreneurs Make In This Stage
  • How To Run A Problem Validation Experiment
  • How To Interpret Customer Reaction & Resonance
  • How To Choose The Right Customer - Problem Combination For Your Startup

II. How To Validate A Solution With Customers - MVP 1.0 

  • Why Solution Validation Matters
  • The Most Common Product Development Mistake
  • How To Define MVP 1.0
  • How To Run A Solution Validation Experiment With MVP 1.0
  • How To Interpret Data From Your Solution Validation Experiment
  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed After An MVP 1.0 Experiment

III. How To Validate A Working Prototype or MVP 2.0

  • Why Pre-Orders Are A Great Measure Of Customer Resonance
  • The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Building Product
  • How To Run A Solution Validation Experiment With A Working Prototype
  • How To Interpret Data From An MVP 2.0 Experiment
  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed After An MVP 2.0 Experiment

IV. How To Validate A Scalable Path To Customers

  •  Why Your Path-To-Customers Model Matters
  • The Most Common PTC Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  • How To Match LTV With Channel Type
  • How To Run A PTC Experiment
  • How To Interpret PTC Data From A PTC Experiment
  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed On Your PTC Model

V. How To Execute & Scale Your Startup

  • Why Switching From Invent To Improve Changes Everything
  • The Most Common Mistake When Scaling Your Startup
  • How To Organize Your Company For Innovation & Scale
  • How To Decide If You Want Outside Funding Or Not
  • How To Determine What Your New Role Should Be

Introduction To Resilience Psychology

12. Love flows into empty space
13. The exponential power of connected minds
14. Pick an arrow and put some wood behind it
15. Lights, camera, action
16. Resistance = suffering
17. Acceptance = peace
18. Are you still breathing? 
19. Daily practice for re-wiring your brain
20. How to process failure
21. Preparing for the storm
22. The real benefit of a startup project

  1. Introduction - why your mindset matters
  2. You are not your thoughts
  3. Just breathe...
  4. Forms are impermanent
  5. A place without problems
  6. Who you really are
  7. The Source of all creativity
  8. Ego is the enemy
  9. Quiet your mind to let inspiration come to you 
  10. Does this resonate? The path to enlightenment
  11. Running experiments to dissolve the ego

Insight Academy Impact

Developing startups can be a challenging process especially for new entrepreneurs. There are so many degrees of freedom that it's easy to get lost in the process of creating a startup from scratch. Our method is a helpful roadmap to keep you focused on what matters and not get distracted. 

On average, entrepreneurs who use the Insight Academy platform to learn and implement the Insight-Driven Iteration process experience better results than those who do not. Our method shortens the time it takes to find product-market fit, which reduces the opportunity cost of working full-time and making a salary. In addition, those that find a scalable, repeatable business model have a higher probability of attracting risk capital to expand their operation. Together these factors make a meaningful difference in how much value your startup creates. 

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* Opportunity cost assumes a full-time position at $100,000 annual salary. 

**Average Value Creation is equal to the average pre-money valuation less the average opportunity cost and Insight Academy subscription fees. 

Who We Work With

The Insight Academy is for new and experienced Founders working on startups from concept to $100K in monthly revenue. 

What People Say

Suja Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO,

Suja Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO,

"The material in the FounderSensei program is EXCELLENT.  Honestly, this is what startup Accelerators should be. I feel so lucky to have found this program. It is exactly what I need to improve my odds of success." 

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