Entrepreneurs Assemble!

What makes a good startup team?

I think it's a lot of things. But mostly, it's that they come together and make a good team.

One of the best teams I know as a comic book geek is the Avengers. Yes, you know them, but geeks like me have known then for years before they appeared on the silver screen.

I think the Avengers are an interesting way to think about a startup team. Captain America is my hero, so I'll pretend that I'm him for a while. Actually, that's the main reason I'm using the Avengers analogy, so I get to be Captain America! It's my blog post after all.

Here are the six Avenger members from the movies. Here's a description of each team member and what their roles mean for InsightStudios.

Hulk - Hulk is the 900 lb gorilla in the room. No one is more powerful. But Hulk is a little crazy and no one can really control him. He lashes out and relies mostly on brute strength and instinct. Also, he has a dual personality depending on whether Hulk is in charge or Bruce Banner is calling the shots. But when you need the nuclear option to smash the crap out of the bad guys, Hulk is your man. At InsightStudios, Hulk the guy with the $billion exit.

Thor - Thor is not of this world. He's from Asgard, which is kind of like San Francisco to Chicagoans. He has lots of powerful friends. He can control lightning and use it as a weapon to devastate his foes. Importantly, the chicks dig him. Our Thor is a well connected silicon valley power broker who is sometimes still an entrepreneur when the mood strikes him.

Iron Man - Iron Man is a tech genius. He fixes stuff and makes everything better. He continuously invents new ways of getting the job done and he's constantly experimenting on new tech. Our Iron Man isn't necessarily rich, but he has resources to get stuff done.

Hawkeye - Like Cap and Black Widow, Hawkeye's powers are considerably less than some of his stronger teammates. Still, Hawkeye is every bit a legitimate member as anyone else. He sees everything clearly and he never misses. Our Hawkeye has incredible insight and he delivers it in an understated way. He hits you when you least expect it. He is grounded and he is a stable personality among a cast of characters. He's also funny as hell.

Black Widow - The only female of the group, Black Widow is a badass. Not only can she kick ass and hold her own with the guys, she's incredibly empathetic. She seems to always know what everyone else is thinking and always knows the right thing to say. Our Black Widow is a successful female entrepreneur that you've never heard of before, but you should know who she is.

Cap - He's not the strongest, fastest, or most powerful member of the team. He moves fast, punches, kicks and throws his shield. It sounds pretty lame when compared to the Hulk or the God of Thunder, but that's not Cap's greatest strength. His greatest strength is his heart. He has a pure heart in every sense of the word. He never quits. He has pure intentions. He is selfless. He has a strong moral compass. These are the reasons people follow him. I'm Cap on the InsightStudios team. I'm not the best at everything, but I pull the team together and get them pulling in the right direction to complete the mission.

All team members are warriors. They can all fight. For us, that means they are entrepreneurs in full.

The team is coming together nicely and there are still some open slots. I can't wait to start training together and go on our first op.