InsightStudios Is Off To An Great Start

I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on what we've accomplished in 2016. As we wrap up the year, I find myself incredibly excited for what 2017 will bring. Our plan for InsightStudios is coming into focus, and it's a beautiful thing. We are changing the enterprise innovation market and the startup ecosystem at the same time. It's incredible when you stop and think about it.

Our innovation consulting business is developing nicely. We've picked up two new customers lately with P&G and Guaranteed Rate in late 2016. These great companies add to our list of innovators which include American Family Insurance, CUNA Mutual Company, SC Johnson and John Deere. We've developed a break-through product line up that includes consulting, Startup Bootcamps, Startup Accelerators and an Innovation Outpost solution, all for established businesses. Based of feedback from customers, the value proposition resonates, particularly with c-level execs who are engaged in a transformational journey, personally and culturally.

My good friend Don Mathis and I have started writing a book. The working title is Lean Intrapreneur, How To Transform Yourself From A Corporate Executive To A Known Innovator. We've both been through this journey and we have some very interesting lessons learned. The executives I've met are embarking on a similar transformation. They are scared and unsure how to proceed. This book will be really cool. I'm thinking it will start to change everything in enterprise innovation.

We've also validated a sales channel with co-working spaces and incubators like WeWork & 1871 who have many corporate clients. We are planning to hit the Harvard Business School network pretty hard in 2017 to drive new levels of services revenue growth. Please let me know if you have any connections with corporate innovators. I'd appreciate any intros you can think of. Who wants to be more innovative in 2017? Send me a list.

The professional services revenue will allow us to invest critical seed capital in our first three startup ideas. Our highly-efficient development process will get these startup projects to high-fidelity MVP's and early adopter traction. Each $25K investment will result in $3 to $4 million valuation. 140x is a pretty good start for a seed-stage investment. The effort is largely supported by a small army of FounderSensei entrepreneurs who are highly-trained in our methodology for creating profitable startups with very little capital. I've learned the best way to find great entrepreneurs to lead our startups is to develop our own. The FounderSensei school is how we will do it.

Bootstrapping a startup studio sounds crazy, but it is working. I have no doubt we will create 124 startups over the next 10-20 years, in spite of the audacity of our plan. This will materially change the ecosystem in Chicago and perhaps the Midwest. If the Drive Capital thesis is correct, perhaps the future driver of startup activity will emanate from the rust belt and fly-over country. And we are doing the heavy lifting on our own, the way I've always done it, without investors. Those of little faith are welcome to join later.

I am so grateful for an incredible 2016. I am looking forward to doing even bigger and better things in 2017.

Ooh rah!

Dave Linhardt
Founder & CEO