Interesting fact about Amazon and Jeff Bezos

One of the reasons I love startups is that they are completely unpredictable. Just when you think you have the pattern figured out, here comes an example that blows your theory out of the water.

It’s conventional wisdom that startups should have co-founders. I’ve struggled with this issue and often felt insecure or inadequate about it. I’m a pretty capable guy so I’ve been able to find success as a solo founder. Would I prefer to have an amazing partner? Of course! For some reason, I have found it difficult to find that perfect co-founder. I think it’s because I just jump right in and start building the business instead of spending time finding the perfect co-founder. I’m also older now and most of my friends have kids and mortgages and need steady income. As much as they would love it, they feel like they just can’t be that reckless. 

I was thinking about Amazon this morning. Being in Seattle, Amazon is kind of hard to avoid these days.

I have an Echo in the kitchen. So I said, “Hey Alexa, how much is Jeff Bezos worth?”

"Jeff Bezos is worth $130 billion,” she replied.

Jeff Bezos is a solo founder. He’s arguably the most successful entrepreneur right now. Bezos founder the company alone with seed money from his parents. He raises his first $1MM from 20 angel investors. 

So much for the theory that you must have a co-founder to be successful.