We Are Re-Inventing How Startups Are Built

We recently kicked off the second raise for InsightStudios. The response has been great. Everyone seems to be curious to learn how a $2.5MM round could create 150 startups. That's part of the magic behind our startup studio model. Check out the pitch deck if you'd like to learn more.

We love investors that come in early and share the risk with our courageous Founders. Recent conversations with some investors reminded me of the Elon Musk interview on 60 Minutes a few years ago. He was talking about Tesla and how everyone said no at the time. The idea of building an electric car startup sounded crazy. Conventional wisdom among Silicon Valley groupthink was that this is an insanely stupid startup idea. 

"Not only would they say no, they would say no {expletive}," says Musk.

Look at Tesla now. 

I think it's always this way when you are doing something different. Investors are so locked in on their current model they really can't see outside the boxes they've created. It's ironic since none of the innovation that occurs within their portfolio companies seems to rub off on them. 

This report from the Kauffman Foundation helped explain a lot about the 2/20 venture model and why is doesn't work. 

RIP VC.001.jpeg

InsightStudios is a different kind of incubator. We love it. We think we are completely re-inventing how startups are created, validated, funded and scaled (if that's a word). 

VCs see themselves fitting into our model when we spin companies out. That's cool and it makes sense. But if you look at what PSL is doing, once you get a studio running you can set up your own fund and they you really don't need venture money anymore. 

If you are a visionary investor, we'd love to have you on the team.