Welcome Rick Chandler to InsightStudios

I am very excited to announce the addition of Rick Chandler to the InsightStudios team. Rick will be joining us as Co-Founder.

Rick Chandler

Rick Chandler

I've gotten to know Rick well over the past few months as we've been actively working on our current fundraising campaign. Rick has been instrumental in fielding inbound requests from investors who are interested in learning more about InsightStudios and how we are re-inventing how startups are built. I am truly honored to have Rick on the team.

Rick has been Founder, Co-Founder and Founding member of several Venture-Funded technology firms with successful exits in the Silicon Valley, Boston, Michigan and Denver. During his entrepreneurial career, Rick has five exits creating a total of $1.8 billion in value. 

  • WebsitePros (website design) - successful IPO currently trading on NASDAQ at $1.3 billion market cap
  • Faxnet (Unified messaging and fax over IP) - $240 million exit to Critical Path
  • US Signal (CLEX, fiber, telecom) - $300 million exit to telecom rollup company
  • Mobile Innovate (application development) - $750K
  • Authentor Systems (biometric authentication/security) - $1.5 million exit to VISA

Rick is highly-skilled in Mergers and Acquisitions, Operations, Corporate Development, Marketing Management, IPO's, Capital Raising and Deal Structuring and is the perfect person for helping us raise money for InsightStudios.