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Cultural Barriers To Enterprise Innovation (Part 3 of 3)

In two previous posts, I outlined several cultural barriers to innovation. The first post covers fear of failure and expected value bias. These cultural barriers are alone sufficient to stifle innovation. In the second post, I describe the business case bias and execution bias which both prevent new, innovative ideas from taking root in the enterprise. 

In this third post, I’m going to complete the analysis of cultural barriers by covering alignment bias, retirement bias and strategic fit bias. 

Cultural Barriers To Enterprise Innovation (Part 1 of 3)

I recently wrote a blog post that is a critical review of lean startup training programs from companies like Moves the Needle. In this post, I mentioned deeply-rooted cultural and structural barriers that destroy innovation in large enterprises. I'd like to explore these barriers in more detail, so we can better understand what they are and how they destroy innovation in the enterprise. 

This post is the first of two posts exploring cultural barriers that exist in large enterprises. A subsequent post will describe structural barriers.