Startup Bootcamp & Accelerator

"I wish we would have gone through the Startup Bootcamp from day one. We would have saved a massive amount of time and money and we'd be much farther ahead than we are now.”
- Michael Kirk, Global Laundry Innovation, Procter & Gamble 

The Problem

90% of new product introductions fail. There is tremendous waste in building something that nobody wants. 

This happens because the vast majority of large enterprises employ waterfall development processes for developing new products and businesses. Waterfall or Stage-Gate processes start by defining requirements, writing business plans, making forecasts and building products.

While these sound like logical steps, what’s missing is customer validation of the underlying assumptions behind the new idea. 

  • What problem are you solving?
  • For whom are you solving this problem?
  • What is your scalable, repeatable path-to-customers? 

If the answers to these questions turn out to be wrong, the new product fails to gain traction with customers. This generates tremendous waste.

"No business plan survives first contact with the customer."

Within any business plan and forecast, there are thousands of assumptions. If your project is truly new and disruptive, you simply don’t have enough information about your customers and how they will respond to a truly new idea. This means your plan and forecast isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The Solution

Companies who want to move faster and be more innovative are abandoning waterfall development and replacing it with a more entrepreneurial approach. We’ve developed a proprietary process based on years of experience creating and growing technology startups in Silicon Valley and beyond. Our process is called Insight-Driven Iteration and it’s the simply the best way for creating disruptive business models at startup speed.

Startup Bootcamp & Accelerator

For established companies who need to create breakthrough innovations beyond current capabilities, the Startup Bootcamp & Accelerator is a hands-on workshop that provides a new way of creating disruptive business models that lead to hyper-growth. Unlike traditional corporate training programs, our solution focuses on validating ideas using real-world experiments that uncover deep customer insights. Teams learn how to do this under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs who have done it before. The net result is an entirely new way of thinking and working that uncovers new areas of value creation and market disruption while injecting entrepreneurial DNA directly into the enterprise. Not only is this program helpful in developing your best people, it’s also imperative for creating new platforms of growth that are needed drive the business forward. 

How Is This Different? 

Innovators who can been through the Startup Bootcamp recognize this is an entirely new way of working. We asked them how it was different and here’s what they said.

Benefits Of The Insight-Driven Iteration Process

There are three primary benefits of this process for corporate intrapreneurs. 

1. Increases project velocity

With the new innovation process, you can move develop and refine ideas at startup speed. Instead of taking months and years to develop new ideas, teams can get to product-market fit is days or weeks. 

2. Saves time and money

Many companies spend countless hours and millions of dollars developing products that ultimate fail to gain customers. Insight-Driven Iteration turns this process on its head, resulting in earlier termination of ideas that don’t work and earlier identification of break-through ideas that become engines of growth in the future. 

3. Creates bolder and more disruptive ideas

The Insight-Driven Iteration process forces teams to develop bold ideas that are outside the company’s current business model. The Startup Bootcamp and Accelerator removes teams from their traditional environments, allowing them to escape the cultural and structural barriers to disruptive innovations. 

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