We help founders improve their startups by improving themselves.

No matter how good you are at your job, you’d be better with a coach. Everyone needs one!
— Eric Schmidt, Google


The problem is not your plan, your product, your market or your team. The real limitation on your startup is you.

You are the creator and the reason your startup exists. If you are tapped in and tuned on to your creative power, your startup will flourish. If you are fearful, negative or anxious, your startup will struggle.

Like it or not, the fate of your startup is in your hands.


What We Do

We help you improve yourself as a startup leader and leverage your power to create better performance for your startup. You will learn how to manage and improve your mindset, release resistance to what’s holding you back and focus your creative energy in more effective ways. As you transform into a more connected leader, you will learn how to inspire better performance in others and attract all of the cooperative components you need to create your dream business. As we work along side you, we will help you learn, gain insight, evolve and get a little bit better every day. Over time, your abilities as an entrepreneur will improve in ways that are difficult to explain to you at this time. As as you grow and evolve, so will your startup and the circumstances around you.

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Resilience Psychology

Your mindset creates your reality. When we are anxious, frustrated and impatient, we bring negative energy to our experience which pushes away the startup we want to create.

Resilience Psychology is a proven practice of managing your thoughts and vibration by connecting with how you feel regardless of the current conditions around you. As you become more unconditional, you are better able to create more of the things you want while developing a deep resilience in the process of manifesting what you want.

Vision & Focus

Focus is an powerful too for entrepreneurs. As creators, our focus determines what we create.

When you are unsure, you open your aperture and let ideas and impulses flow in. When you are in a place of knowing, you are laser focused on what you want and as a result, you create it. We work with our clients to help them through this discovery process so they can figure out what they want and make it so.

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Connected Leadership

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to have egos. We all have them. But building a successful startup is not a solo activity. No one creates a highly-valuable startup alone.

We think the most successful startup leaders develop the ability for Connected Leadership. By connected we mean in tune with their teams, customers, investors, partners and most importantly themselves. One connected leader is more powerful than 1,000 disconnected souls.


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Better Performance

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Better Growth Rate

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Better Leadership

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Better Capitalization

Better Exits

Better Track Record

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Better Teamwork

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Better Vision & Focus

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Better Plan

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Better Execution

Better Balance

Better Life

Dave Linhardt: Founder Coach

I’ve been where you are now. I’ve been through all the ups and downs. I know all the victories and all the defeats. I’ve pushed hard and then harder until I pushed past my limits. I’ve stayed in the arena not just because I like being covered in dust and sweat and blood but because I love the battle and the glorious victory we can create. I may not know much else, but I know what it takes to build a successful startup.

I didn’t like everything about it but I wouldn’t change anything. My startup experience transformed me. What I lost in sleep, I gained in wisdom. And if you give everything in pursuit of your calling, it’s certain to change you too.

Now I enjoy helping others who choose to stay in the arena. I teach, motivate, encourage, explain, support, console, call out, shake up, break down and build up. I love coaching Founders because I see myself in them.

Dave Linhardt, Co-Founder & CEO, InsightStudios

Dave Linhardt, Co-Founder & CEO, InsightStudios

  • 8x startup Founder; created one venture-backed & seven bootstrapped startups

  • 100% of bootstrapped startups were successful and profitable (7 out of 7)

  • Generated 1,460x cash-over-cash return building startups at Maverick Direct Marketing, a startup studio

  • Helped create a $1.5 billion unicorn business at AT&T Wireless

  • Successfully turned around two multi-million dollar divisions at Yesmail and Experian

  • Invented the Insight-Driven Iteration methodology for business model design & validation

  • Created the Resilience Psychology practice for manifesting whatever you want in life

  • Father, brother, son

  • BS Engineering, Purdue University & MBA Harvard Business School

What People Say

valentin saportas.jpg

Valentin Saportas

“The coaching I received from Dave helps you block out the noise. It helps you focus on what really matters to make your startup successful. I think at the end of the day, what he’s teaching people is a discipline. It’s not something you are born with. It’s not something you can learn in school. It’s something you have to practice. It’s a step forward in learning the discipline of being an entrepreneur.”

Sheila Guo.jpg

Sheila Guo

“Before I started working with Dave, I used to think about what I wanted our product to be. Now, I listen to customers more. Dave’s coaching taught me how to get insight out of my customers and apply it to my startup.”

Thomas McGrath.jpg

Thomas mcgrath

“Dave immediately challenges your thinking versus knowing while practicing insight-driven iteration which is key for any successful startup. Astutely recognizing that startups are not all about the startups themselves, the personal side of startups is covered as well in a way that positively encourages an entrepreneur to survive the struggles along the way.“

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