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Everything You Need To Build A Successful Startup


Six-Week Startup Bootcamp

  • Six-week in-person bootcamp on Saturdays for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Learn how to test your idea, get traction with customers and design a winning business model

  • Founder’s Workbench online course and business model design tool is included so students can learn on their own in between in-person sessions

  • Generate evidence from customers and gain access to 1-on-1 mentoring and early-stage investors

  • Led by 8x entrepreneur Dave Linhardt

  • Learn more about Insight Academy

This program is designed for students who are employed full-time and are curious to learn if their startup idea has potential and if the startup lifestyle is a fit for them.

I owe 100% of my success to Dave and the Insight Academy program. I came to the class with nothing more than an app. Now, I have over 50 paying small business customers. Whatever else you are thinking about doing, like raising money or building a product, stop what you’re doing and take an Insight Academy course. It will save you six years of your life.
— Jamie Johnson, Founder & CEO, Verde

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Next Cohort: Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 8 am

Location: Thinkspace, 1700 Westlake Ave N Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98109

Cost: $2900 per team of up to five participants

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Online Course

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Founder’s Workbench - Online Course

The best way to test startup ideas, get customer traction and find a winning business model

The Founder’s Workbench is an online course designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to test their ideas, get traction with customers, and design a winning business model. The course is provided on a private Basecamp group and includes all the necessary videos, worksheets, homework assignments and online mentor support to learn our proven method for building a successful startup.

Course Content:

I. How To Validate A Problem With Customers

  • Why Problem Validation Matters

  • The Most Common Mistake Entrepreneurs Make In This Stage

  • How To Run A Problem Validation Experiment

  • How To Interpret Customer Reaction & Resonance

  • How To Choose The Right Customer - Problem Combination For Your Startup

II. How To Know When To Pivot, Proceed or Kill

  • Interpreting customer behavior and recognizing resonance

  • Using your personal preferences to find short cuts

  • Connecting with your inner feelings and combining them with hard and soft data

III. How To Validate A Solution With Customers - MVP 1.0 

  • Why Solution Validation Matters

  • The Most Common Product Development Mistake

  • How To Define MVP 1.0

  • How To Run A Solution Validation Experiment With MVP 1.0

  • How To Interpret Data From Your Solution Validation Experiment

  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed After An MVP 1.0 Experiment

IV. How To Validate A Working Prototype or MVP 2.0

  • Why Pre-Orders Are A Great Measure Of Customer Resonance

  • The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Building Product

  • How To Run A Solution Validation Experiment With A Working Prototype

  • How To Interpret Data From An MVP 2.0 Experiment

  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed After An MVP 2.0 Experiment

V. How To Validate A Scalable Path To Customers

  •  Why Your Path-To-Customers Model Matters

  • The Most Common PTC Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  • How To Match LTV With Channel Type

  • How To Run A PTC Experiment

  • How To Interpret PTC Data From A PTC Experiment

  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed On Your PTC Model

VI. How To attract the resources you need

  • Why Switching From Invent To Improve Changes Everything

  • The Most Common Mistake When Scaling Your Startup

  • How To Organize Your Company For Innovation & Scale

  • How To Decide If You Want Outside Funding Or Not

  • How To Determine What Your New Role Should Be

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