Disruption: Problem & Opportunity

Technology is changing customer behavior and new market entrants are disrupting existing markets at alarming rates. At current rates of change, 75% of the companies on the S&P Index will be replaced by 2027. Yesterday, disruption was a surprising occurrence. Today, it's a daily occurrence.

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The Innovation Outpost
Innovate Like A Startup

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Business Model Design

Resilience Psychology

Coaching & Mentorship

The Innovation Outpost is a family of services and software that helps established companies invent new, disruptive business models. 

For visionary CEOs who are dissatisfied with slow growth rates from inherited, obsolete business models, InsightStudios is a startup studio and disruptive innovation operating system that creates new engines of growth and increases company valuations from 2 to 10x. Unlike consultants, M&A, corporate venture or internal teams who are often trapped in existing business processes, our platform discovers new customer insights, invents new business models and delivers a high-growth line of business that becomes a sexy engine of growth for the future. 

At the beginning of each engagement, we conduct a cultural assessment to measure the relative balance between sustaining and disruptive innovation within your existing processes, culture and structure. Upon completion of the assessment, we recommend one of three different innovation models personalized for your specific circumstances. The result is a practical plan of action that gets results and turns new ideas into scalable growth.

Typical engagement models: 

  1. We teach you how to do it

  2. We do it with you

  3. We do it for you

We Teach You How To Do It - Startup Bootcamps & Accelerators

When we teach, we design and implement personalized training and mentoring programs to help develop innovators of the future. Using a combination of online and in-person mentoring, we teach your internal teams our proven methodology for creating disruptive innovation and new revenue growth. 

We Do It With You - Add A Serial Entrepreneur To Your Team

Doing it with you means we assign an experienced entrepreneur / intrapreneur to your innovation or product teams. As a coach on the field, this valuable resource helps your team understand and implement the Insight-Driven Iteration process to uncover new growth opportunities for the business.

We Do It For You - Sponsor A Startup Project

When we do it for you, we build a startup for you using a team of external, experienced entrepreneurs. This solution is best for organizations who are highly focused on executing their current business models and find it difficult for new ideas and business models to flourish within the current structure. 

Doing it for you is the most direct way of creating your own tech startup to effectively blunt new entrants and competitive threats coming out of Silicon Valley and other startup ecosystems. 


Stephen Klein

Stephen Klein

Paul Benevich

Paul Benevich

Dave Linhardt

Dave Linhardt

Stephen combines his classical training in strategy, marketing, branding and communications with tech entrepreneurial success, in both the F500 and start-up environments. He has global experience and has worked in the US., Europe and Asia. Stephen has a successful track record of developing, transforming and managing complex businesses, programs, products and channels. He is a strategic, innovative, change agent. He understands that in today’s world, fundamental growth and change are catalyzed by cultural shifts, knowing how to lead, motivate, influence, manage and execute cross-functionally in highly fluid, matrix environments. His diverse global and industry experience includes, technology, finance, consumer and entertainment. Stephen has a Harvard MBA and FINRA 7, 24, 63 and 79 licenses. Linkedin

Paul is an experienced technology entrepreneur and business leader with over 20 years of business expansion, team building and partnership development experience. Prior to joining InsightStudios, Paul was co-founder of StaffRanker, QponQrush, FounderSensei and the Fabric Foundation. In addition to the startups he co-founded, Paul is a strategic advisor to Social Cash where he is helping disrupt the $83 billion search and social advertising market by connecting advertisers directly with consumers using smart contracts based on blockchain technology. 

Paul excels in creative thinking, business development and surrounding himself with amazing people. Paul studied psychology at Purdue University and received an MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. LinkedIn

Dave is an 8x entrepreneur and 4x intrapreneur. He helped bootstrap our last five startups to profitability with no outside capital and created millions in value, a feat that had a one in 32 quadrillion probably of being successful (1/2000)^5. Our best outcome generated a 1200x cash-over-cash return. I helped create a billion dollar unicorn at AT&T Wireless and turned around two million dollar divisions at Experian and Yesmail. Dave developed a proprietary methodology for creating startups called Insight-Driven Iteration, which is an evolution of lean startup and design thinking principles. Dave has a BS in Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard. Linkedin

Who We Work With

Our disruptive innovation services are designed for established businesses with $100 million or more and are led by visionary CEOs and management teams that see a gap between their current capabilities and where they'd like to be.


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What People Say

"I am always in awe at the intellect and creativity the InsightStudios team brings to our business situation. Having them on the team immediately improves the odds of success."

- Don Mathis, CEO Epic Advertising & Kinetic

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