According to the Wall Street Journal, three out of four funded startups fail. Even after institutional investors have backed your startup, success is not guaranteed. Once funded, your next challenge is a big one - turning your dream into reality.

The #1 Reason: Failure To Execute

The main reason startups don't succeed is because they fail to execute. This failure typically comes from a critical, missing capability on their management team. As a result, the startup failed to hit a critical milestone, which caused the fundamental hypothesis to be in doubt, sending the startup into a downward spiral of failure that they can't pull out of.

Operators-In-Residence: More Horsepower 

We find the gap in the plan, strategy, process or team. Then we fill the gap with an enhanced strategy, an interim leader, or a small skunk works team engaged in a short-term assignment that is laser-focused on achieving a specific result. Our solution could involve evaluating a new market opportunity, building a new line of business, implementing operational improvements or teaching your people how to be more innovative. 

Dave Linhardt

  • Successful 8x entrepreneur / 4x intrapreneur
  • Bootstrapped last five startups to profitability with no outside capital and created millions in value, a feat that had a one in 32 quadrillion probably of being successful (1/2000)^5. 
  • Created, the #1 rated lean startup training program in the world
  • Created a $1.5 billion unicorn at AT&T Wireless
  • Successfully turned around two multi-million dollar divisions at Experian and Yesmail
  • BS Engineering from Purdue University & MBA from Harvard Business School

Paul Benevich

  • Successful 3x entrepreneur 
  • 20 years of business expansion, team building and partnership development
  • Disruptive Innovator and last 36 months helped launch 3 companies and 5 different solutions
  • Lean Startup expert and accomplished at all aspects of launching a product or service within a startup or high growth company
  • Experienced at testing and iterating a product or solution to quickly affordably bring it to market & accelerate growth

Operator-In-Residence Network

  • Network of 50+ seasoned entrepreneurs with deep experience building startups from concept to successful exit
  • Lean startup & design thinking experts
  • Leadership, executive coaching and mentoring experience
  • Operators with successful track records of delivering results
  • Available for short-term and interim assignments

Focus Areas:

  • Product Management

  • Innovation Process Coaching & Training

  • Innovation team coach, trainer and mentor

  • Technology Development & Management

  • Project leader outsourced innovation team
  • Big Data, Analytics, AI, Ad Tech, SaaS, Software, B2B, B2C, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Information Services, Consumer Products
  • Interim CEO/COO/CMO/CRO

  • Founder & Executive Coaching

  • Customer development

  • Sales & marketing

  • Business Development

  • Operational Improvement

  • Board & Investor Management

Who We Work With

We work with funded startup teams who are unsatisfied with their current progress and could benefit from additional experienced horsepower and bandwidth to hit their goals.  

What Others Say

“I am always in awe at Dave Linhardt’s team, their intellect and creativity. Having them on the team immediately improves the odds of success.”
— Scott Stephen, President,

Engagements Starting At Just $5K Per Month

Our highly-focused and effective engagements start at just $5K per month. Contact us today and receive a free 30-minute assessment of your current business situation including a preliminary recommendation for how to take your funded startup to the next level. 

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