Startup Success Rate @100x Higher Than YC

100x higher hit rate

According to Business Insider, startups that apply to Y-Combinator have a 0.4% success rate. Using the same criteria, Idealab, the first startup studio, has a 47% success rate. Using our proprietary validation process, similar to Idealab, our last seven startups were profitable. We attribute this success to our methodology, entrepreneurial judgment and separating the development process into two distinct phases. 

All of our projects are developed using the Insight-Driven Iteration methodology. Overtime, we believe our studio will produce a portfolio of early-stage investments that will outperform comparable seed funds by 3 to 10x.

We Originate our ideas

In our experience, first-hand experience with a fundamental problem is critical for startup success. All or our ideas and startups begin with a problem we've personally experienced. We just don't think there is any substitute for this.

We Use a proprietary process

We've developed a proprietary process for finding product-market fit and building a scalable path to customers. Our process, called Insight-Driven Iteration, uses customer insight to develop and optimize our innovative business models.

Entrepreneurial Judgment Matters

"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." - Will Rogers. That's why we only use experienced entrepreneurs to run our startup companies. These unique individuals are have world-class experience in business model creation and execution, helping us beat the odds of startup success.

We spin up and spin out

We believe there are two phases to building a great company: search and execution. In search, the founding team is searching for a business model. Once proven, the startup switches into execution mode. We split these activities into two teams because people are generally good at one or the other, but not both.

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