How We Do It Makes A Difference

InsightStudios uses a proven methodology for finding product-market and inventing scalable, repeatable business models. We call this process Insight-Driven Iteration. It was created from years of our hands-on experience as entrepreneurs building startups from scratch. An evolution in lean startup and design thinking principles, our method eliminates waste and dramatically improves capital efficiency.

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Insight-Driven Iteration

  • A proven methodology for finding product-market fit and a scalable, repeatable business model
  • Extracts insight from customers by running real-world experiments and observing behavior
  • Validates customer demand before investing heavily in product development
  • Executes standardized experiments in a specific sequence that improves traction and success rate 
  • Optimizes capital efficiency and eliminates much of the waste that exists in normal startup development

We've used this method to create our last five startups and 100% were profitable. We intend to scale this process across a portfolio of breakthrough ideas to create 150 startups over the next few years.

All startup projects are developed using the Insight-Driven Iteration methodology. Overtime, we believe our thesis will produce a portfolio of idea-stage investments that will outperform comparable seed funds by 3 to 10x.