The Problem

There used to be a time when companies could grow by simply executing their existing business models. Those days are over.

Today, technology, changing customer behavior and new market alternatives are disrupting existing markets at alarming rates. At current rates of change, 75% of the companies on the S&P Index will be replaced by 2027. 



For companies to survive and grow in this environment, they must develop new business models outside their core businesses. They must venture into the unknown.

The problem is, established companies are not set up to create new business models. They are set up to execute existing business models. The people and processes that make them great at execution, make it virtually impossible to create new, disruptive business models. Their greatest strengths in executing the plan become their greatest weakness when the sand is moving underneath their feet. This problem threatens not only their growth rate, but their very existence.

The Solution

For established companies who must expand beyond their current businesses, The Innovation Outpost is a temporary team of experienced entrepreneurs that creates new digital business models at Internet speed. Unlike internal innovation teams, training companies or consulting firms, the Innovation Outpost is a complete lean R&D solution for developing and validating disruptive businesses that can unlock new areas of value and propel the company into the future. 

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Our proprietary process for creating and validating new business models is called Insight-Driven Iteration. This process has been proven to be the most capital efficient way to create a new, disruptive business and is 50 times more efficient than traditional R&D efforts. Our team of entrepreneurs has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in their startups, with hundreds of startups around the county, and with large enterprises.

Not an actual entrepreneur :-).

Not an actual entrepreneur :-).

We Are Not Consultants. We Are Entrepreneurs.

We've built a large network of experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to join your Innovation Outpost at a moment's notice. Most of the time, our proven, lean startup entrepreneurs are building their own startups. But from time to time, they are in between startup projects. It's during this time they join our Innovation Outpost teams. Since the Innovation Outpost is temporary in nature, our network of exceptional people are essentially highly-trained entrepreneurs-for-hire. They are exclusively focused on building incredible businesses for our clients during intense engagements of creative energy and hustle. Unlike internal employees, who are highly-trained to execute a proven business model, our entrepreneurs do what they do best - create new business models that change the world.


Innovation Outposts consists of four entrepreneurs who are focused on a predetermined area. Their backgrounds and experiences are complementary. Each team is made up of at least one person with the following skill set.

  • Hacker
  • Hustler
  • Designer
  • Product Visionary

The teams can be assemble with a mix of internal, high-potential innovators and external entrepreneurs from our EIR Network. Team mix varies depending on the overall objective of the Outpost and what our client is trying to accomplish. To develop your internal people and help build new skills, choose a mix of internal and external EIRs for your Outpost. To build highly-disruptive business models at Internet speed, assemble your Outpost with entrepreneurs only from our EIR Network


  • Large network of experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of creating disruptive digital businesses
  • Proprietary methodology for finding product-market fit and a profitable path-to-customers using a unique combination of design thinking and lean startup principles
  • Complete, outsourced solution
  • Temporary organization that lives outside of your organization and headcount
  • Quarterly progress reviews to make "go" or "no go" decisions on key project decisions
  • Option to create a new entity for the Outpost to operate in with an option to purchase the equity at a predetermined price at any time


  • The best way to create and validate scalable, repeatable business models
  • Faster and more capital efficient than internal innovation teams
  • Higher return-on-investment than M&A transactions
  • Lower capital cost & higher return than corporate venture investing
  • Expand your innovation project portfolio faster than any other internal or external source
  • No layoffs as the Outpost team members are not on payroll

Where To Start

An Innovation Outpost is truly a break-through solution for creating disruptive innovations and new business models. Because it's different, it can be a little overwhelming to think about. For this reason, we recommend you start small. Take just one step forward and evaluate whether this is a fit for you and your business. 

The best place to start is with our 10-Day Innovation Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to quickly evaluate the context of your current situation. What is your current growth rate relative to expectations? What are you doing to day to grow more quickly and to uncover new areas of value for your customers? What new customers are out there that you need to bring into the fold?

We will assign one of our highly-experienced EIRs (Entrepreneurs-In-Residence) to your project. The EIR will make a very quick assessment, develop an effective governance structure and recommend a practical plan for setting up an Innovation Outpost. 

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