Rapid adoption of new technologies is shifting the fundamental structures across industries around the world. Disruption is everywhere, and there is no turning back. We live in the innovation economy. 

At current rates of change, 75% of the companies on the S&P Index will be replaced by 2027. Disruption rates among middle-market companies are even higher. Some companies will be acquired by more powerful new entrants. Most will die from irrelevance. For businesses to survive and thrive, they must re-invent themselves. 

We are entrepreneurs, not consultants. We've developed a proven methodology for creating new sources of growth for established businesses called Insight-Driven Iteration. Our process works. We used this method to create our own startups from scratch. 83% of them were profitable. We also created a Unicorn with a Fortune 100 company using this approach. In a nutshell, we help existing companies find new engines of growth in ways only genuine entrepreneurs can.

Together with existing companies, we create disruptive business models at startup speed.

There are three ways we normally work with established companies.

1. Teach us to do it => Bootcamp & Accelerator

2. Do it with us => Entrepreneurs-In-Residence

3. Do it for us => Innovation Outpost

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