Breaking Through A Plateau

Building a successful startup from scratch is the most difficult challenge in business. I know because I've done it myself eight times, mostly as a solo founder with very little capital. We don't build startups because they are easy. We build startups because they are hard. They test our mettle. They help prove to ourselves what we are made of. And we are transformed by the experience. 

Everyone reaches a point were they plateau. Sometimes, we burn out. We get tired. We stall. We fail. We ride the roller coaster and do whatever it takes to make our startups successful.

"We experience contrast and we learn from it, every time. With every step, we get stronger. With every experience, we get closer to allowing what we want to manifest into our experience. With every fall, we get up again. With every gut punch, we learn how to stick and move. And we dance this dance moving back and forth, up and down while holding faith in our hearts. And then, with what seems a spiritual or divine cosmic alignment, we see an opening and we hit it with everything we've got. And that's the game we play as we create something from nothing." - Dave Linhardt, Founder
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Our business is growing slower than we'd like it to. Eventually, we realize WE are the limiting factor in our ability to grow. If only we could clone ourselves. If only we could create a more energetic copy of ourselves, someone with fresh eyes and fresh legs. A fellow visionary who can also execute and lead others. Sure, we can hire functional leaders, specialists to accomplish specific tasks like the perfect cog in our beautiful machine. But sometimes we really need another entrepreneur, a kindred spirit that has done it before. We need a true partner. Someone we can trust. And that is a person who is very hard to find. There's really no solution to this problem. 

Until now.

Startup CXO: Entrepreneur-As-A-Service
For Early-Stage Startups

For early-stage founders who are dissatisfied with their current growth rate, Startup CXO is an Entrepreneur-As-A-Service that adds an experienced entrepreneur to your team to help take your business to the next level. Unlike functional leaders, individual contributors and consultants, our CXOs are true visionaries who can design and execute a break-through growth plan AND execute it in partnership with the existing founders and team. The net result is more bandwidth, expertise, experience, leadership and positive entrepreneurial spark from a kindred spirit that you love working with. 

Everyone needs inspiration from time to time. Our CXOs may be the shot-in-the-arm that accelerates your progress faster than anything else you could do. 

All of our CXOs have been forged on the battlefield. They have been tested again and again under the pressure of early-stage technology startups. They have experienced success and failure and have come through the gauntlet smarter, wiser, more powerful and more conscious than ever before. 

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Typical Focus Areas:

  • Product Management

  • Innovation Process Coaching & Training

  • Team Coach, Trainer and Mentor

  • Executive Coach

  • Technology Development & Management

  • Fundraising

  • Project Leader 
  • Interim CEO/COO/CMO/Chief Product Officer/Chief Revenue Officer

  • Customer Development

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Operational Improvement

  • Board & Investor Management

Who We Work With

We work with seed-stage and Series A startup founders who want a quantum leap in leadership bandwidth and growth. Typical clients range from 10 to 40 employees or more.  

What Others Say

“I am always in awe at Dave Linhardt’s team, their intellect and creativity. Having them on the team immediately improves the odds of success.”
— Don Mathis, Founder & CEO, Kinetic Social

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