InsightStudios: A New Kind Of Incubator

InsightStudios is a startup studio. A startup studio is similar to a movie studio like Marvel Studios, but instead of creating movies, we create startup technology companies. InsightStudios was founded by Dave Linhardt as a way to expand from a serial entrepreneur to a parallel entrepreneur. Dave has assembled a team of experienced entrepreneurs to create more startups and to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Our Unique Approach


First-Person Experience With The Problem We Are Solving

All of our startups come from our first-hand experience with the problem.

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Open Idea Platform

Great ideas come from anywhere. We create startups in our studio and build them using our methodology. We also bring external startups into ours studio and coach them up.


Real-World Experiments & Learning

We test ideas with real customers in the real world. We monitor customer behavior to gain insight on what resonates.

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Proven Methodology For Business Model Creation

We’ve developed a proven method for designing scalable business models called Insight-Driven Iteration.

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Resilience Psychology

Cultivating a resilient mindset is imperative for startup success. We developed a powerful practice for tuning your vibration to speed up the manifestation process.


B2B2C Strategy

We increase the odds of startup success by building marketing infrastructure startups and consumer startups that work together


Secondary Markets Attract Capital From Everywhere

We originate ideas in secondary markets like Seattle, LA, Pittsburgh and others while leveraging the capital in the Bay Area


Primary & Secondary Markets Across The U.S.

We incubate new ideas in secondary markets where customers are real and costs are low


How Can You Help?

For ideas how you can help us strengthen the startup ecosystem, check out my blog post for six ways you can help.